Facebook – do (no) evil! or world’s Radoncic of the modern order

facebook bannedControversy about the social network Facebook and its founder have already begun well before this social network is found on the vast and infinite world network we call the Internet. And most of these controversies, not to say gossips, given that the masses use this network as a “radio Mileva” – or “Radio Bemba,” as our Cubans brothers would say, are well-known to what we call the “general public.”

However, during all this time the question is whether Mark Zuckerberg and his “Book of Faces” are just the victims of bad people or bad circumstances, or the embodiment of evil that wants to create a new social order. The answer is probably somewhere in between.

As its basic doctrine Google has, at the very beginning, set a very ambitious motto “Do No Evil” based on the 10 “commandments”, which has long since become very questionable, but it’s clear from the start that the attitude of Google towards customers and generally towards justice is more sensitive than young Zuckerberg’s.

Now, in recent days two things happened, except the fact that for the past few years a merciless war between Google and Facebook in all fields was fought which opened a new discussion about Facebok’s integrity.

First, Nik Cubrilovic, as he says for himself, entrepreneur, hacker and writer and former executive director and Founder of Omnidrive, has revealed to the public on his blog that when a user logs on Facebook its computers install “cookies“ that track the user’s work and visits to sites even when they  check out of Facebook. In the upcoming period, Facebook claimed that they have corrected this error, but there is a serious question about the nature of these activities, since it this very act is very questionable and for those who know, that couldn’t just be an accident.

The other interesting information is that Facebook and its founder, announced a beginning of a political career, and that they will focus on “supporting candidates who support their cause,” and that this year they already spent $ 550,000 on lobbying (some would say – not much money for Facebook but big for politics in the U.S.).

What is the conclusion from all of this? Does FaceBook want to become a FacaGod or it wants to finally achieve “world peace”? Do we have the Fahrudin Radoncic of the new world order on the horizon or is it the New World Messiah? Time will tell, but for now it is clear that many ongoing controversies show that since the beginning Facebook is not even close to the initial Google’s “Do No Evil” doctrine, and that the two giants of the world’s virtual space which, except for a few territories is becoming more prevalent than the real one, should be under the watchful eye of all Internet users, as well as those who do not use it.

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