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Days of civic activism

“Days of civic activism” is an initiative of  “Why not,” which aims to strengthen and promote civic activism, by promotion existing initiatives, discussing the current impact of civic engagement in BiH society and also by developing of new tools and strategies of civic activism. The basic idea of ​​the project is to reach civic activism out to people as much as possible, and to popularize as a functioning society.

The project lasted for two years and is was supported by Open Society. The first year consisted public activities in over 10 cities in BiH. Some of the activities were:  photo exhibition about protests in the period 2002-2008, concerts and parties with socially engaged artists and bands, movie projection about the civil protests in Sarajevo, 2008. , exhibition of posters and memorabilia from the protests, debates and panel discussions, lectures, and public street events and meetings of activists.

Second edition of  “Days of Activism” was dedicated  to strengthening local groups and for that cause we organized several trainings and educations about civic activism, use of new technologies and the strategic planning of local activist groups. The project included work with following  groups Oštra Nula  (Banja Luka) Forum mladih (Stolac), DOSTA (Sarajevo and Zenica) and Revolt (Tuzla).

The main reason for launching this initiative emerged after the Sarajevo protest during 2008, when it became clear that even this massive civic organization in BiH achieved only limited success, and it was clear that there is a need for the popularization of active citizenship. Through this project we wanted to inform the citizens of  BiH in different cities about the importance and effects of civic activism and also give them informations about  groups and individuals who are engaged in various kinds of civil protests in past years.