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Do not Stop Us!

“Do not Stop Us!” is a project implemented by UG “Why not,” which is designed as a campaign for the introduction of direct democracy in BiH Constitution and other related legislation.

This project aims to create a public discussion about the positive ways to change the Constitution, and it advocates for solutions that will ensure adoption of direct democracy in the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as solutions that will eliminate discrimination and violations of human rights in  BH Constitutions.

The campaign started with the development of studies and publication on the reform of the Constitution with the proposed five amendments to reform the constitution. Preparation and publication of the study was coordinated by Dr. Goran Marković, and it involves the analysis of the legislation on this issue, as well as legislative requirements and opportunities to improve it.

So far, we organized 50 different promotional activities, activists and other partners have participated in more than 30 media appearances, and we collected over  25,000 petitions with citizen support  from over 15 cities in BH for this initiative.