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FIX my School

PopraviMiŠ (FIX my School) is a website made for students, professors and for all other persons involved in the educational process in BiH. This website is an opportunity to publicly point out problems in education (more specifically in their respective schools) and to demand from proper authorities a solution to these problems.

The idea behind the creation of this website is the need for a platform where students can, without fear or embarrassment, freely express what they see as problematic in the education and school system. This, in turn, stimulates them to become more proactive and take part in discussions that pertain to their education.

Some categories of problems that students can address include infrastructure, quality of education, corruption, textbooks, curriculum, extracurricular activities, etc. Once reported, the problem is verified by an outside party, usually volunteers within created organizations. Then, it’s taken up to municipal officials, if necessary. Some of the most pressing problems reported include safety issues due to poor school infrastructure, corruption, and lack of proper textbooks that follow the teaching curriculum.