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Guide for accountable politicians

The publication “Guide for accountable politicians” is part of a series of publications which addresses issues regarding political accountability of public officials, especially on BiH level of government, and with the aim of directing  public attention towards responsibilities, moral principles, and the role of politicians. The first publication was published beginning of 2008 and represents the first publication of its kind released by UG “Zašto ne” as part of the program “Responsibility of government”. Authors of the publication include Tijana Cvjetićanin and Darko Brkan from UG Zašto ne.

The introduction for the publication states the following:

“Being a accountable politician demands personally answering basic questions about one’s role such as – why does one wish to be active in politics, how to share one’s ideas with other and obtain their trust and support, how to guard and guide moral values, how to be accountable towards one’s own beliefs and people represented… as well as readiness to admit defeat and resign.  Answers to these questions depend on other factors, such as other politicians and political parties, the media, civil society, and each and every individual which is part of society. Without a responsible citizen there is no responsible politician. “

The publication can be accessed here