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Razglasaj campaign

Razglasaj is promotional, informative and motivational campaigns for improving citizens participation in decision-making  processes and in creating social change, primarily related to the participation of citizens in the electoral process.

The campaign consists of online and offline components and we also implemented a campaing for BH citizens who live abroad. Online component consists several portals (,, ) online campaigns on social networks, portals and other websites as well as multimedia campaign on you-tube, facebook and other similar media. Offline campaign included street actions, media promotions, debates and round tables, outdoor advertising, distribution of promotional materials, concerts and other public events, and direct contact with the citizens.

Campaign for citizens who live abroad is a campaign that included all of these methods but it was oriented towards the motivation of this population to participate in the electoral process, and we are working on this in cooperation with youth organizations from BiH in other countries. Some of these associations are Stećak – Norway, Bonus – Denmark, BHUF – Sweden and Vanguard – Germany. Also, over 20 associations and groups in BiH have been involved in a campaign Razglasaj.