Promotion of online platform “Bolji ustav” (Better Constitution)

11UG “Zašto ne” (C.A. Why not) on Thursday, 21st of February will officially present the internet platform „Bolji ustav“ (Better Constitution), as the first internet online platform for mapping opinions of citizens across BiH on content of all constitutional provisions. The promotion will take place in Hotel Bosnia in Sarajevo, starting at 10am.

During the press conference, members of UG “Zašto ne” will present the mentioned online platform which enables citizens to give their opinions on specific constitutional provisions on state and entity level.

The platform will be presented by David Barth, director of USAID-a u BiH, Darko Brkan, president of UG Zašto ne – Sarajevo, and Boris Brkan, coordinator of the new technologies program of UG „Zašto ne“ – Sarajevo.

The platform will include all comprehensive proposals for constitutional change which have been in consideration and were compiled by political parties, civil society organizations or individuals, and will enable users to comment and share their opinions on specific proposed amendments.

Every user will also be able to propose their own solution for specific provisions of the constitution and share them with other users.

Internet website “Bolji ustav” was created with the aim of informing the public on current and recent proposals for constitutional reform and to open up a public debate on constitutional reform and enable sharing of opinions and proposals for constitutional reforms by the public.

Project was supported by Center for Civil Initiatives

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