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The Fourteenth International Conference e-Society Macedonia

Danira Karović

The Fourteenth International Conference e-Society, that was called “Media Literate Citizens for Accountable Institutions” took place on December 11, 2018 in Skopje, Macedonia.

Our colleague Danira Karovic was part of the fifth panel called “Greater citizens’ trust in institutions through transparency via Accountability, Technology and Institutional Openness Network in SEE project”, where she talked about Regional Openness Index, and about “Index” in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The conference was organized by Metamorphosis, Foundation for Internet and Society in synergy with the projects “The Critical Thinking for Mediawise Citizens – CriThink” ( – Со критичко мислење до граѓани со медиумска умешност – КриТинк, Mendim kritik për qytetarë me shkathtësi mediatike – KriThink) and Accountability, Technology and Institutional Openness Network in SEE (#ACTIONSEE) funded by the European Union, the projects “Media Reforms Observatory” (#mediaobservatorium) and “” (Вистиномер | Vërtetmatës) supported by the Foundation Open Society – Macedonia (Фондација Отворено општество – Македонија) as well as the project “Promoting, Shaping and Upholding Internet Freedoms” supported by the Association for Progressive Communications – APC and the project “Developing Methodology for Citizen Monitoring of Surveillance Services in Macedonia” through IFEX.