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TV Istinomjer: Politicians in BiH about the protests

Alisa Karović

Fullscreen capture 3.3.2014 141310After the protests of the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina which culminated on Friday, February 7th, a number of officials in the country have tried to exploit the protests and adding fuel to the fire by drawing attention from the social and economic issues to the national themes.

It can be concluded from those statements that local politicians, no matter from which party they’re coming, did not learn anything from the last days’ events.

What makes this story especially interesting , we could hear the nationalist rhetoric from officials in both entities, who represented predominantly ethnically oriented parties, but also from those that were presenting themselves as civic and multiethnic.

When the riots were happening on the streets of cities of BiH, there was not a single politician who was willing to comment on current events. Yet, only a few hours after the end of the protests in the streets, they began appearing in public with their views.
The vision of protests by politicians from all three ethnic communities in Bosnia and this month’s theme is TV Istinomjera.

TV Istinomjer is available in Bosnian.