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X LMF has announced its program

Admir Hodžić

In 2024, the conference X LMF will take place on May 16-18. The focal theme of the jubilee event is Common Language for Common Sense: Search For Meaning in Polarized World. The location is one of the shelters in Lviv.

Photo: LMF

Since 2013, LMF has been the largest conference on media for media professionals in Eastern and Central Europe. It is organized by the NGO “Lviv Media Forum”. Last year, the organizers changed the format and focused on issues whose resolution is critically important for international support of Ukraine during the time of the full-scale war.

The time when the sharpness of news about Russian aggression ensured the world’s solidarity with Ukraine has passed. Now, in order to be heard and receive support, we must engage equally with the global community, explain ourselves, and understand others,” says Olha Myrovych, the head of Lviv Media Forum.


What will the conference program be about?

The X LMF program consists of two streams: Common Language and Common Sense. Over three days, speakers and participants will collaborate to find common ground and determine the role that media, civil society, international organizations, national authorities, diplomats, and other stakeholders play in these efforts. Participants can expect workshops, discussions, public interviews, presentations, and masterclasses.


Key speakers of the X LMF program will include:

Oleksandra Matviychuk, the laureate of the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize, chair of the Center for Civil Liberties, and human rights lawyer.

Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, an American literary theorist and philosopher, professor at Columbia University. Co-creator of postcolonial theory, focusing particularly on the role of women in postcolonial discourse.


Additionally, among the speakers at the anniversary conference are British neurosurgeon Henry Marsh; founder of Zasto Ne NGO Darko Brkan; Professor of the European Studies at the University of Oxford Timothy Garton Ash; British writer, journalist, and war correspondent David Patrikarakos; American literary theorist Ewa Thompson; Human Rights Commissioner of the Ukrainian parliament Dmytro Lubinets; journalist, documentarian, founder of the Laboratory of Public Interest Journalism, co-founder of The Reckoning Project Nataliya Humenyuk, and others.

You can view the full program at the link provided.


How to get involved with X LMF

We are not selling tickets to this year’s conference – admission will be free,” say the organizers. “But we encourage X LMF guests to contribute to our work so that we can continue to support Ukrainian journalists and media.” Lviv Media Forum will offer all X LMF conference guests the opportunity to donate to the development of a permanent program for psychological support for media professionals.

To become a participant in the anniversary conference, fill out the form. Deadline: May 6, 2024.

If you have any questions about the conference, please address them to [email protected].