CA Why Not

The NGO Why not is an organization that deals with the construction of safe, healthy, active, efficient and responsible BiH society as a whole, both in terms of the authorities as in terms of civil society and citizens, all of which together with other civil society organizations, institutions and individuals .

The association of citizens “Why Not” is a registered legal entity entered in the register of civic associations in FBiH Ministry of Justice from January 9th 2001 under No. 56, Book 1 of the register, with registration number 03-054-992/97-2.

The organization was established as a youth peace organization with the purpose of working on the demilitarization of the BiH society and establishing the right to conscientious objection in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but in the course of our work the mission of the organization expanded and is currently adapted to current needs and values ​​of our founders and members.

The organization is working in Bosnia and has partners in most local communities. In addition to four (4) employees there are 15 external associates and more than 200 volunteers who support our work. Through various joint initiatives, several hundred people are included in our work. Generally we are working with those aged from 16 to 35, but also with other target groups, such as workers, pensioners, women, journalists and other groups which are part of our projects.

The objectives of our organization are grouped into five major program areas:

  1. Civic activism – raising awareness of citizens and interest groups on the need for active involvement and participation in decision-making and social processes, as well as work to build awareness about the need for citizens and civil society to get involved in the decision-making, and to create the preconditions for strengthening accountability of the authorities and holders of public office in Bosnia.
  2. Government Accountability – strengthening the role of civil society in raising the level of accountability of the government, and the creation of tools and public campaigns presenting the responsibility of the government to the public, as well as the production of various media and other reports, and the monitoring of the work of the authorities, political parties and other responsible participants in the process of leading society.
  3. The use of new technologies by civil society, citizens and government institutions – awareness raising and capacity building, as well as creating tools to use new technologies, especially the Internet and mobile phones, for the strengthening of civil society, responsible citizen participation in social processes, as well as responsible and efficient functioning of government institutions.
  4. Regional demilitarization and the creation of peaceful and secure societies – working in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia, through the regional network “Objection for Peace”, to create the conditions for demilitarization of societies in the region and raise awareness of the need for pacification in the region.
  5. Support independent culture – supporting independent culture and the development of independent cultural scene in BiH.

In addition, we participated in the implementation of numerous other projects, as partners of other groups and organizations.

Regarding the projects implemented so far, most of our experience lies in the organization of networks and coalitions for joint action in the field, as well as working on activist programs, project implementation, advocacy, promotional and awareness campaigns and campaigns to engage the public. In addition, over 30 different organizations and initiatives have participated in projects that have been implemented in over 30 cities in Bosnia and over 40 cities in the region. Over 30 people have been working on our projects, with the help of over 3000 volunteers in the implementation of projects in the field.

In our previous work, we organized over 3000 different activities (street actions and public debates, round tables, seminars, lectures, concerts, info booths, symbolic actions, protests, campaigns, etc.), who were seen off with more than 600 media reports during the past 4 years (together with partners, coalitions and other groups, this number is much higher).

We are members and founders of the Regional Network for demilitarization “Objection for Peace”, which has organized numerous activities in Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania, Greece, USA and Germany. We are members of the “War Resisters International” and “European Board for Conscientious Objection,” global and European pacifist networks. In addition to this, we were both members and one of the founders of the coalition for economic development , the coalition “Responsibility”, which deals with the liability of government, the coalition “Moral coordination” which included representatives of trade unions, social movements, associations of pensioners, the disabled, and many other from NGOs .

Currently we are also the founders of a regional network for the promotion of the use of IT technologies as well as members of the Alliance of Youth Movements and Young Leaders Forum.