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Activists of UG „Zašto ne“ promoted „Istinomjer“ in Podgorica for Montenegrin elections

 Darko Brkan and Dragan Koprivica (CDT)
Darko Brkan and Dragan Koprivica (CDT)

Boris Brkan, Danko Dupljanin and Darko Brkan visited Podgorica on 03 – 05 September and together with partner organization, Center for Democratic Transition presented the public with the launching of the Istinomjer project.

Implementation of Istinomjer in Montenegro is one of the projects under the Multiplication lab initiative and UG „Zašto ne“ which aims to share knowledge and experience on implementing projects in the area of new technologies to other organizations within and outside the region.

As part of this visit UG „Zašto ne“ activists worked with journalists from CDT, technical and project crews on different aspects of implementing the project and also took part in the press conference promoting the project.