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Global Awakening LoadingHistory books will describe the last months as months of changes and important events in the development of mankind. In the Balkans, on our micro-level, this time is marked by the arrest of Ratko Mladic. Globaly, good news will be absent from many chapters; massacre in Norway, which introduced a new form of radical-religious terrorism, The killing of  Bin Laden as a kind of state terrorism in the United States, or natural disasters such as the devastating tsunami in Japan.

A series of causally related events however, stand out from the others. It is the WikiLeaks scandal and revolutions / uprisings in North African and Arab countries. To remind, the first uprising began in Tunisia, after WikiLeaks released a document on corruption and nepotism of the regime in power. The domino effect of uprisings spread to Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Syria … this section is not yet concluded – the conflict will continue.

The world public is aware of only superficial, scattered information, on how the revolution is spreading in the prevailing belief that the domino effect is only the fruit of spontaneous reaction of the local population. The question mark remains on the contribution of disadvantaged groups of people in the mainstream media, the global movement, who are to a large extent responsible for the development and expansion of the revolution. In everything that happens to WikiLeaks last year, North African and Arab uprisings, in fact, with all major political events currently in the world, in some ways they also participate.

– Goran Pandža,