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Bileća case: Civil society condemns fascism

BILECAThings happening in the Bosnia and Herzegovina should not be happening. Fascist taking over our public spaces and through the state apparatus struggling with the background and history of Bosnian and Yugoslav anti-fascism. In Banjaluka Chetnik festivities are being held, the streets are being named after Chetniks, in Mostar street names are being named by Ustasha officials from the NDH.

Anti-fascism as the only real value of the space-time system is more than twenty years pushed to the margins. In place of the anti-fascist recollections and his confrontation with his past we were imposed bynew forms of narrative history and other struggles that not only do not face the horrors of fascist occupation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the former Yugoslavia, but also participated in them.

“Memorial Herzegovinian 10th Brigade, which has more than 70 years represented a symbol of the anti-fascist resistance Bileca in World War II were shot down during the night, removed by trucks, officially due to restoration.” – Radio Free Europe transmitted.

It is further alleged that in order to build monuments to members of the Chetnik movement from that place partisan monument removed from the Second World War, and to be in the same place, in the center of the city soon to be completed new feature – the 13-meter-high monument of gratitude Ravna Gora Chetniks.

We, the signatories and signatories, fully aware of our state organizations, aware of the conquest of the public places by the destructive forces of the intolerable and horrific ideology, are writing this letter in order to condemn this act. Also, we are writing this letter in which we do not appeal or adress the problem to the state, but to call upon society to find its organisational form to resist the evil of fascism, and the re-evaluation of the past and the fascist ideology that make us unequal entities , particulary on the race. class and gender basis.

  • UNSA GHETTO – Banja Luka
  • CPI Foundation – Sarajevo
  • Why not – Sarajevo
  • OKC Abrašević – Mostar
  • Sharp zero – Banja Luka
  • Antifascist Action of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Open Centre – Sarajevo
  • Center for Civic Cooperation – Livno
  • CURE – Sarajevo
  • Bureau for Human Rights – Tuzla
  • RED – Sarajevo
  • Informal group