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Campaign “They promised!”

akcija SAOn the General 2010 election, the parties that won power in Bosnia offered through their election programs, more promises than ever before. A year and a half after the election, no one can boast remarkable progress in achieving what was promised before the elections.

Initiative “Istinomjer” and UG “Why not” have launched an advocacy campaign “They promised!” With the intention to in the focus on the party government return their campaign promises into 4 key areas:

1. Youth policy
2. Fighting unemployment
3. Savings in public spending
4. The fight against corruption

“In the next month, will meet with citizens on five towns and allow them to evaluate work of the party in power and their achievements in these four areas. Political parties and the competent executive bodies in which these parties participate, the results will be provided to “vote” citizens / refuge in these five cities, as well as recommendations for fulfilling the promise of these 4 areas. Our aim is to boost the ruling party and the executive at which these parties involved, to make a public comment on the recommendations that will be offered, and to share the reasons why they consider appropriate – or inappropriate – measures to accomplish their campaign objectives. We want to be the ruling party and government institutions publicly pledge to take action to achieve these goals, with clearly defined limits in which male and female citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina can be expected that these measures will be taken, “says the association” Why not. ”

Recommendations for the field of youth policy, the fight against unemployment, the fight against corruption and savings in public spending, will spend the next 4 weeks published on the website, along with responses from the political parties and the competent institutions and the opinions and evaluations of the citizens of the former during the meeting campaign promises in these areas.

The UG “Why not” believe that, given the critical situation in all selected areas, are extremely important that all levels of government take seriously their role in solving pressing problems, take responsibility for the implementation of these measures and do what they have promised citizens’ during the election campaign to the end of the current mandate fulfilled most promises in these areas.  Only in this way, the ruling party and the institutions they manage, may show accountability to their own voters and convince them that the election promises that were made ​​more than a political marketing, whose sole purpose was to win votes in the election.