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Coalition “Equality” expects the Canton Sarajevo Assembly to adopt amendments to the cantonal Constitution

skupstina kantonaThe coalition of civil society organizations “Equality” calls all parliamentarians at the Canton Sarajevo Assembly to adopt unanimously the proposed amendments to the Constitution of Canton Sarajevo proposed by the Government of Canton Sarajevo, at today’s session, in order to harmonize the Constitution of Canton Sarajevo with the European Convention for Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.

This proposal fully harmonizes the rights of the constituent peoples and the rights of the others who do not declare themselves as members of the three constituent groups, in regard to all issues that the Cantonal Constitution tackles.  Hence, we call all parliamentarians at the Canton Sarajevo Assembly, with their today’s vote, to take this groundbreaking and respectful title of pioneer in antidiscrimination changes in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), which is the only way for the country to join the truly democratic societies.

The adoption of this proposal submitted by the Cantonal Government will mark historical moment for the whole territory of BiH, because it will represent the only Constitution, since the independence of BiH, which is not discriminatory in its nature, and which proclaims truly democratic values, human rights and equality for all citizens.

From today’s voting at the Canton Sarajevo Assembly depends whether this proposal will remain unsuccessful attempt to fix the discriminatory system present at all levels of authority, or Sarajevo Canton will play this historical role in taking the first step towards abolishment of the systematic discrimination, which for 18 years already erodes our society and political system.

We hope that the parliamentarians at the Sarajevo Canton Assembly are aware of the importance of their today’s decision, not only for Sarajevo, but for the whole Bosnian and Herzegovinian society. All those who are against this proposal, send message to all citizens if BiH, that for them and their parties, the institutionalized discrimination remains acceptable model for the functioning of our society.

Members of the Coalition against constitutional discrimination “Equality”:

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