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Coalition “Jednakost” (Equality) proposes abolishing the BiH Presidency and House of Peoples

IMG_0909Coalition “Jednakost” (Equality) at the premises of Faculty of Political Science in Sarajevo presented an alternative model for implementing the Sejdić-Finci ruling which aims to establish equality of all BiH citizens.

Darko Brkan from C.A. “Zašto ne“ (Why not) and Saša Gavrić from “Sarajevki otvoreni centar” (Sarajevo Open Center) presented the  students with the proposed model along with commentary and input from European Council Head of Office, Mary Ann Hennessey.

Saša Gavrić noted that the model presented by the Coalition would abolish the BiH Presidency and House of Peoples and that the model is based on recommendations by the Venice Commission which gathers leading legal experts of constitutional law in Europe.

He also noted that the proposed abolishment of the House of Peoples is based on the failure of that institution to fulfill its primary function – protection of vital ethno-national interests. One analysis showed that the mechanism for protecting vital ethno-national interest was used only five times since its establishment, which isn’t enough to justify the existence of this institution in BiH parliament.

Gavrić stated that the model would see the transfer of the mechanism for protecting vital ethno-national interests to the proposed singe chamber parliament of BiH which would lead to more efficient parliamentary procedures.

As political parties cannot find agreement and a solution for restructuring the BiH Presidency, the model proposes its abolishment as an institution since there is already an existing executive institution – Council of Ministers which represents constituent peoples and others. Switzerland is an example of a state which has only one executive body, Council of Ministers.

Darko Brkan stated that this idea of the Coalition isn’t any less realistic or acceptable as other proposed ideas of political parties which have been introduced to the public. He emphasized that this model represents one of many models which will be presented by the Coalition in accordance with implementing the Sejdić-Finci ruling.

He also stated that this specific proposed model simplifies the decision making process and fosters a more efficient government. There are also other models with different solution and they will also be presented in due time.

Darko Brkan is of the opinion that this model solves additional problems of BiH society and that it introduces equality of all citizens and is in accordance with the Sejdić-Finci ruling.

The model of the Coalition will be passed to the Commission on implementing the Sejdić-Finci ruling of the BiH Parliament.

Coalition “Jednakost” gathers 22 civil society organizations from all of BiH. The Coalition is active in advocating constitutional reform on all levels of government and reform of all laws which are discriminatory.