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Democracy in translation

Snimka cijelog zaslona 15.7.2013. 120309This film is a joint attempt by several activist to document two of the largest victories by the public, not only from Sarajevo, also Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The need to produce a film came about on its own as protests until then were not adequatly documented, nor did they receive their place in the process of of developing civil society in BiH. Reasons for organizing street protests, hardships, victories, defeats, and end results  during the eruption of civil revolt have been left unrecognized by the BiH public.

Tis film presents hopefully the first step to correcting the situation. The film chronologically  follows protests in Sarajevo, utilizing media material and interviews with particpants of the protest, representatives of government, media, public figures, analysists, etc. The film follows processes from the first public gathering to the death of Denic Mrnjavac, and protest in from of the Kanton Sarajevo buliding which escalated into stoning of the building, as well as several protests which took place in te following months toward the general elections that resulted in change of government.

For all those who were unable to view the film during Days of activism, a free download is available! Youtube resolution standard (100 MB).