Glasometar 2014 – find out with which parties you agree

glasometar logoUG “Zašto ne” also for this election year launched “Glasometar” application, which allows BiH citizens to compare their views on key political issues with political parties’ views and programs of the mandate of 2010-2014. You can find “Glasometar” at To fill out the whole questionnaire you needed no more than 15 minutes.

Through 32 questions “Glasometar” we have covered the most recent and the most important topics which have dominated the public debate during the finishing mandate. By filling out the questionnaire you can compare your views with views of 18 parliamentary parties in Bosnia and Herzegovina. You can see on which issues you agree or disagree with a particular party, but also you can compare the views of the different parties.

“Glasometar” is an application modeled similarly to applications around the world and allows voters in BiH to test their opinions on key BiH political issues before they go to the polling stations. Bearing in mind that the data on attitudes, opinions and activities of parties concerning certain issues are often changing or are unavailable, this application is a perfect place where one can find all this information in a simple and engaging way.

Parties’ views presented in the application were created as an estimate of their actual position and were a result of a combination of the officials voting in parliaments, programs and public documents, and party responses to the questionnaire sent to them in the preparation period.

This year’s application is realized in cooperation with the Slovak organization Kohovolit and is based on technical solution that has been developed and used for the purposes of general and local elections in Slovakia and other EU countries within Votematch initiative that combines the “electoral calculators” from 14 Western Europe countries.

Glasometar application, within the pre-election activities for the general elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2010, was filled out by 25,000 citizens. This year we expect the application to once again help the citizens in making up their decision in an easier and more informed way.

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