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Glasometar (Vote-o-meter) – computer application for voter preference

glasometarGlasometar (Vote-o-meter) is a computer application for checking voter preferences of voter for the 2010 General elections in BiH. Glasometar is designed so that the public can check the level of political congruence of their political views with those of political parties in BiH by completing a long version questionnaire (48 questions) or short version (30 questions).

An expert grouped that worked on identifying the most important areas and compiling questions for 8 areas which deal with social, economic, and general life aspects in BiH, including:

  • Healthcare, employment, veteran, and refugee policies
  • Justice, political system, local self-government, foreign policies and EU and regional integration processes
  • Energy policies, environment, and development
  • Education, culture, religion, youth, sports, and media
  • Monetary, fiscal, and tax policies
  • Police and defense
  • Economic policies, trade
  • Collective and individual rights, civil society

Compiled questions are created to address the most important issues of the mentioned policy areas, or those issues that affect the life of the general public.

The same questionnaire available to the public was also submitted to 17 political parties and compiled by the following four tier scale:

  • Completely agree;
  • Partially agree;
  • Partially disagree;
  • Completely disagree.

The four tier scale was created without a neutral element as issues in BiH are too important to have a neutral standing, either by individuals or political parties.

More information on methodology of compiling the questionnaire and the use of the application, as well as the difference between the short and long version of the questionnaire can be viewed on the application menu.

Glasometar is the first online computer application for checking voter preferences of BiH elections. Glasometar was created with the aim of helping the public in familiarizing their opinions and preferences with those of political parties for the most important issues. We believe that this application will assist the public in BiH deciding which party they will vote for, or not vote for during the 2010 General elections.