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Glasometar (Vote-o-meter) event in Sarajevo

glasometarAfter the Razglasaj 2010 campaign was formally promoted on Wednesday with its main components, the Glasometar (Vote-o-meter) application was presented on Thursday in Sarajevo for those who do not use internet at a checkpoint in front of the Cathedral.

Glasometar for the first time offers the public in BiH a simple questionnaire, short version (30 questions) long version (48 questions) which gives individual users insight into congruence between their own political social views and those of political parties, which previously answered the same questionnaire questionnaires in order to compare individual political preferences with those of political parties. The Razglasaj 2010 campaign enables the public to via the gain information related to elections, participating parties and other participants in the election process. (

Members of UG Zašto ne stated “since around 37% of the population BiH uses the internet, UG Zašto ne in cooperation with its partners will organize a tour of larger population centers in BiH where the public will have the opportunity to familiarize itself with the campaign and test their political preferences via Glasometar application” Citizens of Sarajevo had a three day opportunity to introduce themselves with Glasometar, and the tour is continuing on 13th and 14th june in Banja Luka, 15th june in Tuzla, 16th in Mostar, 18th in Stolac, 19th  in Zenica 24th in Konjic, 25th in Žepče and 28th of june in Travnik.

The Razglasaj 2010 campaign was in its initial stage for the last 6 months, and in the upcoming period, activists will visit a number of towns across BiH which will provide the public with the opportunity to use Glasometar and discern which political option is closest to them individually.

The Razglasaj 2010 campaign includes the web application Glasometar for evaluating voter preferences, and is dedicated to the 2010 election process in BiH which will be held on 3rd of October. The goal of the campaign is promoting awareness of potential voters by focusing on the key problems within BiH state and society, bringing political parties closer to voters, evaluating voter preference and attitudes, and promoting voting in order to secure a better future. is a information portal for the 2010 elections as well as a motivational and organizational vehicle for promoting awareness of the importance of election process.

This portal contains up to date news on elections, political parties, civil society, and provides basic information on election process.

The website will also contain data on the elections, including candidate lists on all levels of government and election units in BiH by personalizing parts of the site for all candidates. Also, blogs and comments by citizens will be allowed, including interactive tools for volunteers.