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Istinomjer: Parties in power in the FBiH have made progress in 10%, and began working on more than half of their promises

istinomjerThe Government of the Federation has a great chance to meet 10% of the promises, 41% of the promises has a medium chance to be fulfilled, while in order to meet  49% of the promises the FBiH Government must strengthen the dynamics of their work. These are the data from the “Report on the progress in fulfilling the campaign promises of the parties in power in the FBiH for 6 months of work of the FBiH Government,” which was released today by the Association of citizens “Why not” within the initiative Istinomjer.

The monitoring covered 1043 promises from the electoral campaigns of four parties which are in power in the Federation – SDA with 432 promises, SDP with 350 and NSRzB with 144 promises. Besides this, we analyzed the post-election platform document with 117 promises. The program of HSP, despite numerous contacts was never submitted to Istinomjer or made ​​public, and their program goals for this term remain unknown. Of the total number of promises, in the last period we monitored promises for which it was possible to set the monitoring parameters. Too insufficiently specific commitments and promises relating to the state government are not included in this monitoring, and in this case there were 478 such promises.

Of all the promises that have been observed (56%), there were 12 fulfilled promises, and for 46 of them it can be said that they are in significant progress. Work began on 232 promises and one promise was partially fulfilled. So far, there are 4 unfulfilled and 3 broken promises. There are 234 promises on which the work did not start, and work on one promise is stopped.

“When we talk about the programs individually, the promises of the Platform have the best perspective, given that more than half (57%) promises have the chance for fulfillment, where as many as 17% have a great chance of fulfillment. With SDA and SDP, the greater the chances of fulfillment are slightly lower, while the SDA has more promises that have a greater chance than SDP – 12% versus SDP’s 9 %. When we look at promises with a medium chance of fulfillment, SDP has initiated more promises as much as 51% to 37% of SDA. NSRzB has the worst program that is largely a product of its own incorrectness – and thus only 27% of promises of their program have the chance of fulfillment. “- Said researcher Emir Borogovac.

“In relation to the areas that are monitored, the most promising areas are healthcare and social policy, in the economy we have nearly 50% of promises with good perspective of fulfillment, while in other areas much more effort is needed to achieve satisfactory results. A good part of the fulfillment of the promises in these areas, such as the system of government and foreign policy, to a large extent depends on the formation of the State government. “- Said researcher Anes macula.

“The general conclusion of the monitoring during the first 6 months is that a lot has been done to establish the institutional prerequisites for the implementation of the announced policy in the programs of the parties, and that is mostly about laying the groundwork and creating conditions for fulfillment of the promises. In this sense, in this period, there were no significant effects, but these can be expected if the work is intensified on the fulfillment of promises. Also, the results of the parties and the Platform were significantly influenced by the delay in forming the government in the Federation, which has slowed down the work on the implementation of the announced measures and targets. “- Said Tijana Cvjetićanin, coordinator of research at Istinomjer.

A complete analysis of promises can be seen on