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Participants of POINT 3.0 helping flood victims

Alisa Karović


Due to the tragic situation caused by unprecedented floods across the country, POINT 3.0 Conference will act accordingly and dedicate part of its time to try and help people in need to best of our abilities.

U.G. “Why not” already established the “Flood Map” website throughout which citizens can report the problems incurred as a result of floods, publish locations help collection, the most important information to contact support services operating in BiH, but also lists of all the bank accounts opened for donation. Platform is used by more and more citizens, and we invite all of you who read this post to help with the collection of data.

Given that the conference will gather a significant number of experts from around the world who are engaged in crowdsourcing and other aspects of usage of new technologies in crisis management, the idea of the organizers is that participants of POINT 3.0 Conference devote the entire third day of the conference, which is scheduled for practical workshops, to developing new or improving existing platforms for disaster aid. We invite all who have ideas on how to make best use of online technologies for these purposes to be involved.

In addition, in order to raise aid, items from the exhibitions which are set during the conference will be for sale and all proceedings will go to the most critical places. All participants, as well as other visitors of the conference will be able to buy T-shirts featuring the exhibition “Zombijana draws Twitter”, badges featuring the exhibition “Museum of Fuck-up-ness” by Maida Ljubuškić and posters from artist Nemanja Čađo, and all revenues will go to help disadvantaged.

On Saturday 24th May at the premises of Art Cinema Kriterion we will organize help collecting, and all the things collected will go directly to the areas hit by the floods.