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Position of “others” and constitutional reform of Tuzla Canton


On Thursday 28th of March 2013, In the premises of Youth House, Coalition “Jednakost” (Equality) will organize a round table discussion on: Position of “others” and constitutional reform of Tuzla Canton.

The Coalition deems it is imperative to remove all discriminatory measures towards citizens of BiH. Event thought the constituent peoples in BiH are in a difficult position wherever they are a minority, we believe that the most difficult position is shared by citizens of BiH that don’t identify with one of the three constituent peoples.

Therefore, the Coalition will employ a great effort in reforming the constitutions on all levels in order to abolish discriminatory measures of non-constituent citizens of BiH.

We remind the public that the problem of discrimination in BiH has been recognized by the European Court of Human Rights and that the timely implementation of the Sejdić-Finci ruling is the outmost priority of BiH for its European integration process.

We hope that other Cantons in the Federation of BiH will be led by the example set by Canton Sarajevo and in the shortest possible timeframe allow for constitutional reform.  which would guarantee equal opportunity for all who wish to participate in government?

The goal of this round table is to focus attention of Tuzla Canton government on problems of institutional discrimination and foster a partnership with government officials in order to solve this issue with significant contribution by the civil society in reforming the constitution.

The round table discussion will feature: Damir Banović (Sarajevski otvoreni centar), Darko Brkan (UG Zašto ne?!), Vildana Džekman (Fondacija CURE), Rasim Ibrahimagić (Udruženje mladih Plamen nade), Damir Dajanović (Omladinski pokret REVOLT), Saša Gavrić (Sarajevski otvoreni centar).