President of the Association “Why not,” Darko Brkan guest on the „Saloon” organized by the SHL Foundation in Berlin

shlDuring a visit to Berlin, the president of the NGO “Why not” Brkan Darko was a panelist at the meeting at SHL Foundation in Berlin. The theme was “Challenges for Civil Society in BiH” and it was attended by about 20 members and supporters of SHL. In addition, the panel discussion was attended also by Dražana Lepir from Oštra Nula and Drazen Crnomat from UNSA geto.

The conversation lasted over an hour and it was discussed on current issues in BiH civil society, and the society in general. There was talk about the perspectives of civil society activism and ways to fight in Bosnia, the political and social dynamics, the next steps in the work of civil society as well as about the international community and its role in Bosnia and Herzegovina. All participants agreed that this is a delicate moment for BiH but also that the civil society, with of course great obstacles and challenges, has the power to become an equal partner to the authorities and the international community in addressing the issues in BiH and the region. We also discussed the cooperation between Germany and Bosnia-Herzegovina, and current beliefs that German politicians have towards BiH, as well as how they affect the EU in this regard. It has been identified that the current attitude of the EU and Germany, must be much more determined and that only through a clear definition of the situation in Bosnia and commitment to the preservation of the same one can come to a final decision which would be a consensus for all in Bosnia, the international community should not bow to pressure. In the end, it was concluded that the civil society in BiH, as well as in Germany, should be united in ensuring the perspective of BiH and its citizens.

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