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Civic Tech

New technologies and innovations, when used correctly, are a shortcut to responsible and transparent governance and an active and informed society.

Use of new technologies by the civil society, public, and government institutions was recognized by UG “Zašto ne” as one of the most important factors which can promote more efficient solutions for issues within society and is therefore segmented into a specific program activity by our organization. The aim of the program is to raise awareness and capacity, as well as developing tools for the utilization of new technologies, primarily the use of internet, mobile phones in strengthening efforts of civil society, civic participation and fostering responsible and efficient government.

New technologies, in the context of internet tools and mobile networks are relatively novel in the activities of civil society by taking account of the growing influence and use of internet and mobile phones within society for potential effect. Civil society has proved itself as inventive in creating and implementing various initiatives which are based on new technologies. UG “Zašto ne”, within its personnel has the potential and necessary skills in developing new technologies and is strategically oriented in developing tools for promoting and assisting the growth of civil society and democracy as a whole.

We have since developed various tools which have had a significant impact in BiH society and are planning development of additional tools, independently and in cooperation with other organizations and groups. Additionally, tools developed as part of this program have presence in our other programs and are helping the development of future programs of our organization.