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Government accountability

Only responsible and effective civil society can ensure accountable and efficient government in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Government accountability is a program that is in the center of activities for the organization. One of the most important parts of our efforts is to evaluate the level of responsibility government officials display in their work and statements as well as following the fulfillment of pre-election promises given by parties in power. The monitoring of government is implemented via the “Istinomjer” initiative with a specific and unique model of promoting responsible government in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Aside from “Istinomjer”, UG “Zašto ne” also partakes in other activities in promoting responsible government. One of the features of our innovative approach is the “Glasometar“ project, an online platform which for the first time enabled the public to compare their own political preferences with those of political parties by filling in a questionnaire and receiving feedback.

UG “Zašto ne” continuously works on strengthening the corrective role of civil society in political processes by promoting responsible government, providing government information to the public, development of online tools which allows the public to be informed on the work and activities of political and government officials, as well as launching of public campaigns, all with the aim of promoting responsible government in Bosnia and Herzegovina.