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Izborni monitor

The Online Tool for Maping and Reporting Problems and Abuse at General Elections 2014, aims to provide citizens with an opportunity to actively engage in election monitoring processes, and by reporting all detected errors and misunderstandings to reduce the number of abuses, that is to document any violations of this process. In order to record all problems and irregularities, the Elective Monitor, through the interactive map in the Troubleshooting section, has provided all users in an easy and anonymous way, reporting the detected irregularities and locating them in order to be visible on the interactive map.

One of the basic goals of Civic Monitoring Election 2014 was to identify and record all irregularities that occurred during the entire electoral process in BiH, including the following categories of problems: voting registration problems, campaign management irregularities, unauthorized advertising, unauthorized intimidation, blackmail or force, vote buying, misrepresentation, mistakes in the work of the polling boards and election commissions, violation of electoral silence, disabling of voting, violence, grabbing of freedom of assembly or movement, and any other potential problems may be recorded under the designation of the other.

In addition to reporting issues, citizens could also review reported issues, see where they are logged in, and automatically receive reports of all reported problems in a particular city or area.