Public Debate “The future of implementation of the judgment Sejdić – Finici”

sudACIPS, the Coalition “Equality”, the Coalition “First March” and UG “Zašto ne” organize a public debate  “The future of implementation of the judgment Sejdić – Finici”. The debate will take place in Sarajevo.

Long-term political negotiations and a series of secret or semi-secret meetings of parties’ leaders on the implementation of the decision in the case of “Sejdic and Finici” have resulted in proposals for constitutional reform that stands in complete opposition to the essence of the judgment of the European Court of Human Rights. We find the direction in which the negotiation moves very worrying, especially taking into consideration the separation of the issue of the constitutional reform from institutional processes, which repeatedly proved unsuccessful. Hence we believe it is time to open the discussion and to include general public with the emphasis on civil society organizations.

Opening arguments to the discussion will be presented by

Darko Brkan, UG “Zašto ne”

Emir Suljagić Coalition “First March”

Dervo Sejdic, one of the prosecutors in the case ” Sejdić and Finci” against Bosnia and Herzegovina”

ACIPS, the Coalition “Equality”, the Coalition “First March” and UG “Zašto ne” invite everybody to a public debate on the future of the implementation of the judgment of the European Court of Human Rights, with emphasis on the current state of negotiations, the role of political parties and the merits of proposals presented so far. The aim of this discussion is to establish principles and models for the implementation of judgment of the Court in Strasbourg for those who are obliged to take action, but also for civil society and political structures, in order to break the “vicious circle” of unsuccessful party negotiations, that are increasingly moving Bosnia and Herzegovina away from civil and democratic society.

Our goal is also to finally open this process to the public and to engage citizens who have so far been unacceptably ignored by the political parties and international partners in the process of reforming the Constitution.


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