Razglasaj 2010: Largest action by NGO sector in the last 15 years!

izbori 2010The upcoming 2010 general election generated the most comprehensive actions by the NGO sector in the last 15 years of activity, as stated by the Razglasaj.ba portal, part of the “Razglasaj 2010″ campaign, led by UG “Zašto ne” from Sarajevo.

„A large number of actions, campaigns and initiatives by the NGO sector began before the appearance of election posters and billboards by political parties. The NGO sector has been involved in election campaigns so that people of this country would be better informed in order to make a informed decision on election day. We are witnessing politicians breaking their promises on a daily basis and therefore it is important that someone is monitoring their activities and informing the public”.

Razglasaj.ba utilizes ongoing monitoring and research conducted by NGO-s on corruption in government and election campaigning and “following the money” in order to highlight that BiH is not as financially poor as it seems due to widespread corruption and unjustified government spending on wages and allowances for higher ranking government officials. NGO-s also displays how public money is spent on public procurements and monitoring false statements and broken promises given by elected officials.

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