Respect and a job for the hero Muamer Brekalo

Goran Brekalo gasio požare u Hercegovini
Goran Brekalo

In the text below you will see the life story and current situation in which Muamer Brekalo is in, proven humanist from Mostar. Our Association has decided to give contribution and support for the action ” Respect and a job the hero ” launched by his friends and acquaintances.

” The world needs heroes but sometimes heroes need us. ”

So it went in one sentence in a series of articles on our and your hero, Muamer Brekalo even in 2011, and Muamers frequently used phrase was ” that man isn’t made by things which are happening to him, but his reaction on those events. ”  Muamer or Muma, how we his friends call him is almost unreal character and appearance at this present time.

From the media and the people called ” Mostar hero” , ” Mostar brave heart”, proven humanist with famous free Mostar spirit and positive audacity. Although only a small part of his noble and humane gesture made public, for example return of lost 75.000 KM to his owner from N. Sad. rescue of injured man from the cold Neretva during the winter, rescuing and helping people during last year’s blizzard that hit Mostar, firefighting across Herzegovina during which he was injured and so on, that was sufficient to grant such epithets and titles, and the court of the public is always the best measure for all!

For the bigger part of his noble deeds only we know, his friends, colleagues and supporters.

We will mention to you just one of his unknown work. One one occasion we accidentally found out that Muamer helps some families in Mostar BAFO refugee settlement. When we asked him how is he helping others, but he doesn’t work, he responded coldly ”that person who has a lot doesn’t give but a person that wants!. Muamer is a guy who takes care of disabled mother, minor brother and old unemployed father who has a cardiac arrhythmia, he is unemployed self financing sociology student, has an injured spine and a strict prohibition for hard physical work. But he is just doing such jobs, because of his honor, pride, stubbornness and life needs. Although he knows that in doing so he risks a substantial damage to the spine and a partial or permanent limitation of movement. Always smiling, always willing to help to the known and unknown, unwilling and pubic giving life advices, and even more skimpy when it’s time to say something about himself.

On two occasions, he declined invitations to be nominated for the Award of the City pf Mostar for lifetime achievement, as he says ” because that would seem to him like a moral farce!”

He refused offers of all political parties to be on their electoral lists. He refused to say to the public names of people, political parties and organizations who had lied and manipulated him. He says that ” it is not his way , and the level of communication.”

We his friends, acquaintances, sympathizers with selfless assistance and participation of UG Why now, and the absolute support of the public,  launch campaign ” Respect and a job for a hero” today.

Can we count on you support? Support of each one of us and each one of you, and anyone who can identify and sympathize with him? This man never asked for anything, nor prayed, never from anyone! The only thing he wanted was a respect for him and a chance to earn alone.

He did not get either one, however, he said nothing.

We are all aware that we are ready to help people who ask or need help for treatment or life, often with little chance for them to succeed. Our hero and yours isn’t asking  for anything from anyone because of  his honor and pride even thought he is aware of the situation and what he risks. The most valuable thing. Health! If we all together don’t do that we won’t have right to say tomorrow: ” if only we knew earlier we could have helped him!” We can all together make pressure on the government of this country to hire and reward such a man with such virtues, because he is a true model and example that virtues in which all still swear are still appreciated and rewarded!

So far their support and participation in our campaign was confirmed by the Student Union of the University ” Dzemal Bijedić”, Student Union of the University of Mostar, the daily newspaper Liberation, Magazines Free Bosnia, Start, Web portals NOISE, New Freedom, StarMo, tacnonet, haber, etc…

Support was given by former and current national team captains Vlatko Glavas and Emir Spahić, Our Party president Dennis Gratz, etc.. We are waiting for confirmation of support from the public and even many public and sports celebrities, various non-governmental organisations and political parties.

“Respect and a job for a hero”

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