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Street action in Sarajevo: “Moj Ustav, bolji Ustav!” (My Constitution, Better Constitution)

FOTO: Damir Hajdarbašić
FOTO: Damir Hajdarbašić

C.A. “Zašto ne” (Why not) organized today in Sarajevo a street action where the public was presented with the project “Moj Ustav, bolji Ustav!” (My Constitution, Better Constitution).

Dalio Sijah from C.A. “Zašto ne” stated that this street action aims at promoting the project “Moj Ustav, bolji Ustav!”. The project is based on a web-platform which includes the constitution of BiH, Federation of BiH, and Republika Srpska, giving users the opportunity to note their opinions on individual constitutional provisions.

He further stated that “this platform is the only place where BiH citizens can give their input and recommendations for constitutional reform. Until now, the public has not had an opportunity to have their voices heard. Via this platform, we will gather and publish results on changes citizens would like to make to the constitution.”

Dalio Sijah also emphasized that the platform also contains all proposed amendments for constitutional reform in BiH, including those of political parties and NGO-s.

Users have the opportunity to fill a questionnaire and view results of their opinions in comparison to opinions of other users.

“Results will be public and street actions will be held in over 30 cities and towns across BiH in order to gain input from as many users as we can” as stated by Dalio Sijah.