UG “Zašto attended the conference “Power of one” in Cyprus

The Power of One
The Power of One

Conference “Power of one” , held from 8th  to 12th of October 2012 in Nicosia Cyprus was organized by “Peace it together”, a network of civil society, with support by UNDP, USAID, World Vision, CYINDEP, Fondation Friedrich Ebert, and the EU.

The aim of the conference was to foster cooperation and exchange of knowledge and experience on the role of public and civil society in encouraging social change during the transition stage between participants from Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East region.

Activist from UG „Zašto ne“ Darko Brkan was one of the participants of the conference and had a special role along with participant from Egypt Sally Mohsen whose experiences were filmed as part of the conference. He also received the first award of the conference in Innovation grants competition for his „Buffer Zone Media Project“, together with partners from Cyprus, Egypt, and Palestine. This project has the goal of creating a network of activists and professionals that will be available for education and production of media video/photo/audio content for websites of activist initiatives. Organizers of the conference will allocate for this project 30.000 USD during 2013.

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