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UG Zašto ne replies to SBIH (Party for BiH): Take responsibility!

images (6)During the SBiH party meeting of Hercegovina-Neretva Canton and Mostar City divisions, discussion took place on the subject of published government monitoring report by “Istinomjer” (Truth-o-meter) initiative on fulfillment of election promises of political parties in power.

SBiH party officials stated that “results of monitoring for SBiH are false in determining that SBiH did not fulfill its election promises.”

The party officials from Herzegovina Neretva Canton (HNK) stated that “Stranka za BiH (SBiH) stopped further disintegration of BiH by stopping the adoption of amendments to the BiH constitution known as the April package, as well as stopping Prud and Butmir agreements”. They also stated that on the level of HNK they took part in passing the law on HNK government which protects majorization of any of constituent peoples which was in the previous mandate a established practice.
In terms of activities in the City of Mostar Council, SBiH party officials stated that they offered a solution for forming the Council majority and delegating a Major for the city.

“The proposed solution envisioned a solution for all economic and political issues which effect integration of the City of Mostar and delegating a Major.

“BiH without entities”

SBiH also stated that their policy is that Major of City of Mostar cannot be delegated from the same constitutive peoples for two consecutive mandates and instead propose a rotation of the seat of Mayor for all three constitutive peoples. Other policies include that the “privatization process should be conducted on BiH state level”, however they did not have support from other political parties”. They cite that “the privatization process is in a catastrophic state and led to loses of tens of thousands of jobs”.SBiH emphasized that their planned economic policies and goals could not be implemented due to constant obstruction from other political parties.

Reply by UG „Zašto ne“:

SBiH (Party for BiH) is part of the ruling coalition and therefore should act like it!

UG „Zašto ne“, as creators of „Istinomjer“ (Truth-o-meter) reacted to statements made by SBiH party officials regarding results of “Istinomjer” research by emphasizing that SBiH is part of the ruling coalition and therefore should act like it.

After statements by representatives of SBiH in which they emphasized that the presented results on regarding activities of their political party as part of the ruling coalition during the mandate are false and inaccurate, representatives of Zašto ne stated that research conducted by the “Istinomjer” team was based on the election program submitted by SBiH and found that the party did not fulfill and of their 16 promises given to citizens four years ago.

SBiH in its statement emphasized the inability to gather support from their coalition partners and for accomplishing to stop processes initiated by their coalition partners.

We welcome the fact that SBiH is speaking publicly on the results of their activities, however we believe that they would be able to achieve better results if they were not members of the ruling coalition.

SBiH: Evaluation of activities

If SBiH has faced problems in their activities as part of the ruling coalition and taking responsibility for lack of results, and if SBiH states that is achievements include being in opposition towards initiatives of other members of the ruling coalition, then voters will decide if SBiH will stay in government or whether SBiH will become a opposition party, which already reflects their activities thus far.

We also call on the public to vote in accordance with what a political party has accomplished instead of what they have prevented.