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Video campaign of Coalition “Equality” – Freedom Defenders in the episode of “The Neighbour”

Alisa Karović

Zaštitnici-slobodeCoalition „Equality” presents the first animated video from the mini-campaign “Stay true to yourself, declare yourself freely”, that in a humorous way deals with the issue of identification during the 2013 census in BiH. The video was created as part of the campaign ” Citizen above all – Bosnia and Herzegovina without discrimination”, carried out by a Coalition “Equality”, which focuses on the rights of those who do not belong to the constituent nations in BiH. In the near future next two films will be published in the context of the campaign.

The main characters of the clips are colorful Freedom Defenders, who appear when citizens call for help, if their freedom of expression is in danger.

In recent months we have witnessed aggressive and even illegal organized campaigns which aimed at putting pressure and enforcing the choice of a particular ethno-national declaration. In some of these actions there were involved even institutions from the neighboring countries. Yet, the responsible institutions generally haven’t responded to those infringements and as a result we have an pre-census atmosphere that has begun to look like a state of emergency. In the same time a lot of important things still remains unknown, because the institutions are failing to do their job. The campaign is our way to try to relax the agonizing pre-census atmosphere and send a message to citizens that nobody has the right to force them to declare themselves in any way. Additionally, on the site and via info-phone we’re also giving all the information about the census that ware not provided by the relevant institutions.