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Watch the second video from the Coalition “Equality” – “The Party”

Alisa Karović

Zastitnici-slobode-i-aktivistica-strankeCoalition “Equality” has published second video of the “Stay true to yourself, declare yourself freely” mini-campain.

The videos of the campaign show in a funny way how to deal with possible unwanted situations, that citizens of BiH may face before and during the census. The message of all three clips is common: no one has the right to exert pressure and threaten others’ freedom of expression. The main characters of the clips are colorful Freedom Defenders, who appear when citizens call for help, if their freedom of expression is in danger.

In the second video Freedom Defenders help a man being charmed by a political party member who wants to influence his choice of national/ ethnic identity.

Citizens can learn more about the campaign and the Coalition on the following websites i, while all the information about the technical aspects of the census are available on the website, where you can also report all the noticed problems and abuses.