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CA “Why Not” organized a workshop on the use of new media and the implementation of web projects in Sarajevo

seminar-hollywood 1From November 25th to 27th in Sarajevo, as part of the “Days of Activism in B & H” in collaboration with the Open Society Fund, “Why not” organized a workshop on the use of new technologies for civil society. The workshop was attended by 20 participants from 6 organizations from 5 cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Oštra nula – Banja Luka, Revolt – Tuzla, Forum mladih – Stolac, Pokret Dosta! – Zenica, Pokret Dosta! – Sarajevo and UG “Okvir” -Sarajevo.

The workshop’s aim is to educate activists to work with new technologies, as well as introduce them to different specific aspects of using new technologies by civil society. In addition, the goal is to identify potential projects and ideas for all organizations that will use new technologies, and develop specific plans for identified projects.

The first day, the activists from “Why not,” Darko and Boris Brkan held a workshop on the planning of web projects on which they elaborated the planning phases of web projects, as well as basic guidelines on the criteria and objectives to be pursued in the implementation of those. The second day was oriented towards programming and the basics of using CMS’ as well as on the production of contents. Morning session was led by Pero Cigelj from the company and the Drupal community in BiH, which analyzed basic knowledge on the use of CMS’, with special emphasis on Drupal.

After that, it moved to seminar activities related to the production of content, and the first workshop was a workshop on photography with special attention to the photos for web projects and specific aspects of this issue, a workshop led by noted Bosnian photographer Nino Maricic. The first day ended with a workshop on writing and on how to prepare textual content for the Web. The workshop was led by Sijah Dalio, editor of news portal UG “Why not.”

The last day was reserved for multimedia and research and preparation of research for the web. The workshop on Multimedia aimed to educate participants on the basics of multimedia production and audio / video contents, and it provided the basic skills in editing programs for audio / video content. The workshop was led by Vanja Jovišić MSc in Electrical Engineering specialized in computer graphics in the field of media and graphic designer at Al Jazeera Balkans.