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Youth Summit in Prishtina

Logo Prishtina Youth Summit-a
Logo Prishtina Youth Summit-a

Representative of the U.G. “Why not,” Emir Borogovac participated in Prishtina Youth Summit, which took place from 14th to 16 December 2012. year, and was organized by the Youth Initiative for Human Rights.

The event brought together 150 socially active representatives of civil society organizations from the Western Balkans, the European Union and other parts of the world, including representatives of state institutions in the region. The guiding idea of gathering is the fight against the rising nationalism among the youth in the region.

Pristina Summit presents an opportunity to hear the voices of young people from the Western Balkans and to exchange ideas and experiences of activists from Israel, Palestine, Tunisia, Libya, Venezuela, Egypt and Liberia.

Some of the topics for the discussion represent relations between the state toward wartime past, human rights, a new wave of nationalism among the youth, the consequences of the conflict in the former Yugoslavia, frozen conflicts, divided cities, as well as the problems of young Albanians in Serbia and young Serbs in Kosovo.

Representative of the  UG “Why not?” Emir Borogovac participated in a panel discussion on “Sharing experiences: online and offline activism and young democracies in the Western Balkans”, where the project Istinomjer  was introduced and where associations related to activism and mobilization of the public were exchanged.