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Coalition for Equality

Coalition against constitutional discrimination “Jednakost” (Coalition for Equality) was founded in December 2012 with the goal of gathering civil society organizations, formal and informal groups, as well as individuals who are dedicated to ending all levels of constitutional discrimination in BiH based on ethnicity.

Current trends in BiH reveal an increasing  population which doesn’t identify with the current discriminatory  system based on exclusive ethnic rights and domination of constituent peoples which is based upon the current constitution. Coalition for Equality was founded in order to give a voice to all citizens who do not belong to one of the constituent ethnic groups, which will advocate change, especially in the context of the upcoming population census in BiH as a catalyst for the first campaign of the coalition.

Coalition for Equality has the final aim of ending all forms of constitutional and other legal discriminatory measures based on ethnic affiliation by giving all groups who do not identify as one of the constituent peoples the same rights as constituent peoples, as well as giving all members of constituent peoples equal rights on the entire territory of BiH. The coalition advocates full equality of all citizens on the entire territory of BiH.

Aims of the Coalition for Equality are as follows:

  • Constitutional reforms on all levels of government in BiH as well as all other laws which contain elements of discrimination based on ethnicity
  • Reforms must institute actual equality on all levels for citizens in BiH who do not identify as members of the constituent peoples.
  • All reforms of ethnic rights for constitutional peoples must not institute new forms of discrimination.
  • Reforms must be fully implemented in practice in a non-discriminatory manne

Coalition “Equality” are: