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Networking for Impact and Change: From policy brief to policy change

IMG_5641UG “Zašto ne”, represented by Roska Vrgova, together with Jovan Bliznakovski from the  Institute for Democracy „Societas Civilis“ (Macedonia) attended the second seminar of the TRAIN 2013 program held in Berlin 25-29 June. Both researchers presented the extended policy brief, which focuses on physical segregation and separation in schools in Bosnia and Heregovina and Macedonia.

Besides the presentation of the advanced policy briefs, the participants at the seminar in Berlin got training in organization, planning,communication, and conducting of policy campaigns. Furthermore, the participants presented their briefs in front of representatives from diverse actors, such as MPs from the Bundestag. The participants visited the Chancellery, where they in detail presented their research in front of official representatives.

The last day of the seminar, was an Alumni conference which gathered participants of the TRAIN program from four different generations. The current fellows and the alumni had a chance to exchange experience on what happened to their policy recommendations, as well as the lessons that they learned from the TRAIN experience. The conference was enriched with panel discussions on cooperation and advocacy on EU level, as well as discussions on the use of the EU funds.

As, the seminar took place in face of the Croatia’s accession to EU, the organizers prepared a public panel discussion titled“Enlargement on the eve of Croatia's EU accession: views from the Western Balkans region“, where representatives from different countries, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro commented on the implications that Croatia’s accession has for their countries, as well as the current challenges, which their respective countries face on the road to EU.

The participants to the TRAIN program 2013 will meet again in November 2013, where they will present their recommendations and findings in front of representatives from different EU institutions: the European Commission, European Parliament, and the Council of Ministers.

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Overcoming Ethnic Based Segregation – How to Integrate Public Schools in Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Prevazilaženje podjela po etničkoj osnovi – Kako integrisati javne škole u Makedoniji i Bosni i Hercegovini